Volume Profiles – Privacy Policy

General Statements

Privacy Statement
Here at DevignCode we take privacy very seriously. We will always do our best to protect all our customers privacy to the best of our abilities. We do our best to avoid collecting or storing our customers private information, but sometimes that information is required in order to  eliver a service, or product to suit our customers needs. With this in mind, we will always take all practicable measures to protect our customers private data as best we can. We will also endeavour to inform any affected users in the event of any of their private data being obtained unlawfully by any third party.

What information is collected
We only ever collect the bare minimum of information required to deliver a product or service to our customers. This information could include (but not be limited to) personally identifiable data, such as your Google ID, email address, location information, or data automatically  collected from your device via Google APIs or Permissions. This data is only collected so that we can provide the products and services that we do. We NEVER collect any information outside that which is absolutely required to deliver our products and services. The vast majority of the data collected is not stored anywhere outside of your device, if stored at all. When data is stored outside of your device (e.g. on our servers) it will be secured to the best of our abilities.

How we use the data we collect
Most of the data we collect is done as part of an API call, or identification method to make sure we are correctly identifying each customer and only serving that customer the information that relates to them. We also use information such as device states to ensure that only the features applicable to the current device are displayed. Some data is collected automatically to track events such as app crashes, this data is only used to report back to us that something went wrong, but can sometimes contain personally identifiable data. We however never use this data outside of tracing what caused the crash and fixing the problem. We do not use any information collected from you or your device outside of what is required to deliver the product or service that customer is using.

Information we share
Outside of the information automatically collected and stored by Google, we do not currently share any of the information we may collect with any third parties. If in future we need to share any of our customers information with a third party in order to deliver a product or service, this section of the policy will be updated accordingly, and notifications made within the specific product or services information.

Data Retention Policy
DevignCode only retains user data for the length of time it is needed to provide products or services to that customer. Once a customer has indicated that they no longer wish to use our products or services, their data will be removed from our servers upon the cancellation of their account. DevignCode will never retain user data past the point of it being required to deliver our products and services. If during the time a users account is active, and data stored by DevignCode is deemed no longer necessary to provide our products or services, we will notify all customers, and allow a period of time for users to download their data if required before it is removed.

Deletion Policy
If at any point a customer requests that their personal data be removed, it will be permanently deleted upon request (along with any backups of that data).

Contact us
If you have any queries in regards to any of the information contained (or not contained) in this
policy, or even just a general query, please feel free to contact us using the link at the bottom of the page.

Volume Profiles Specific Privacy Policy Information

The Volume Profiles app provided by DevignCode does not collect any data from the user, nor does it request, or use any procedures which capture user data. DevignCode holds no user data on its servers, and the Volume Profiles app does not communicate any user information itself. Any Google APIs used within the app to allow the app to function are deemed to be covered by Google’s own Privacy Policy as the API code is outside of DevignCode’s control.
The only data that the Volume Profiles app has access to are the volume profiles created by the user and provided by the app itself. This information is stored locally on the device, and is not transmitted from the device at any time. The user is in full control of this data at all times and it is removed from the device when the app is uninstalled.